March 26-29, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA
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Sana Tariq

Principal Technology Architect
Vancouver, BC

Sana Tariq is a member of TELUS team acting as principal technology architect for Cloud and Service Orchestration. Sana earned her doctoral degree in Computer Science specializing in optical communications, cloud computing, and software defined networking from University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL in 2014. She was awarded US Fulbright scholarship and CREOL fellowship. 

Sana has worked in multiple service providers including Telenor and T-Mobile USA for over 15 years.

At TELUS communications Inc, Sana is currently leading the architecture and long term roadmap of E2E Service Orchestration and realizing cloud-native vision for 5G. She is also leading TELUS Open source program office and various innovation streams within TELUS R&D and Universities. Sana has been a frequent speaker in organization's internal and external industry events.

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